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Artwork Guidelines

No time to read now? Download the PDF version

Setting up a new InDesign Document

Always make sure you set up a new document with 3mm bleed guides. This is a good way to ensure at a quick glance you have at least the bare minimum of 3mm bleed throughout a job.


Sticking to the basics

• Make sure all images used through out are at least 300 dpi (If 72dpi make sure images placed are no more than 30% scale in InDesign).

• InDesign has support for RGB imagery, but we strongly recommend that all images used are CMYK. RGB can show colours to be bright, but the printing process will convert them to CMYK and dull them back.

• Please do not put pages in printers pairs. Our pre-press department will set this up from your PDF.

• Only use CMYK and Pantones* converted to process colours in your swatches

*Only use Pantone references and spot colours on non-CMYK jobs.

Exporting ready for print

Windrush only except Print Ready PDF’s

Our prepress department can only except print ready PDF’s. This is due to the infinite amount of factors that can effect the layout of a job from one computer to another.

PDF settings

1) When you’re happy that your job is finished and has been proof checked, go to;

File > Adobe PDF Presets > [PDF/X-aa:2001]

Windrush-Artwork-Guide-22) In the settings window, click on Marks and Bleeds and adjust to the following settings:


3) Once all settings are done and you’ve saved as a preset, Click Export.

Checking your PDF for errors

Adobe Acrobat Tools

Once you’ve created your Print Ready PDF, you can give it a quick check in Adobe Acrobat to see if everything is all in order. Click on the following;

Tools > Print Production > Output Preview

Double check no stray colours are in your PDF. If the job is four colour, only the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black plates should be showing. In the example below you can see a Pantone Yellow is also in the file. In this instance you would need to go back to your document and convert the Pantone to CMYK, then re-export to a Print Ready PDF.



Removing rogue spot colours in InDesign

1) Open your InDesign file, click on Swatch and then double click the colour that needs to be amended. When the Swatch Option window pops up, click on Colour Mode, scroll up to the very top and select CMYK.


2) By default the colour type will still be set as a Spot, change this to Process. Re-export your InDesign file.


Sending over your artwork

For large files and regular clients we strongly recommend using DropBox to transfer work to us. DropBox is essentially cloud storage that can be synced from computer to computer. It also enables you to share folders with other DropBox accounts. If you don’t already have a DropBox account, you can sign up for one, for FREE here.

Please contact our prepress department for our DropBox information

No time to read now? Download the PDF version

How to … add commenting in Acrobat

Many years ago commenting was only available in the Professional version of Adobe Acrobat, which most clients didn’t own. This meant that commenting was only used by other professionals such as publishers. Now, the standard FREE version of Adobe Acrobat comes with commenting built it. It’s an extremely useful tool and can help you get your amendments across much quicker. Not only will it save you time, as a client, it will save you money on any unnecessary amends lost in translation.

You only need to know how to use the very basic functions of commenting to get your point across. Once you’ve used it once, you will wonder how you ever survived without it. Below are some of the basics explained, please also see our video walkthrough on YouTube.

Useful links:
Adobe Acrobat Reader download
View the Windrush Group YouTube page

See the full walk through below:


Add note to replace text:

In the ‘Comments’ pane, select the ‘Add note to replace text’ icon, then simply highlight the text you wish to amend. Once the text has been highlighted, double click it to add in the amendment note.


Draw rectangle:

In the ‘Comments’ pane, select the ‘Draw rectangle’ icon (o any other suitable shape), then draw the shape where you need your amend. Once the shape is on the page, double click it to add in the amendment note.



In the ‘Comments’ pane, select the ‘Strikethrough’ icon, then simply highlight the text you wish to be delete. Once the text has been highlighted, double click it to add in the amendment note.


Highlight text:

In the ‘Comments’ pane, select the ‘Highlight text’ icon, then simply highlight the text you wish to be changed. Once the text has been highlighted, double click it to add in the amendment note. Ideal for areas of type that you wish to be italic, bold or a pull quote etc.


The Wedding Show


This weekend the Windrush Weddings team will be over at Cheltenham Racecourse for The Wedding Show 2013. We will have lots of samples in goody bags to give away. Windrush Weddings can help you with all your wedding needs including; save the date cards, invitations, order of service leaflets & table plans. If you’re at the show, please say hello and we can talk to you about your wedding!

The Wedding Show is on 16-17th February 2013 at Cheltenham Racecourse – Tickets are £5 and can be purchased from the Wedding Show website.